About Me

I have been a Visual Artist for all of my adult life and now also enjoy filmmaking. I am passionate about creating visually to draw attention to environmental and social concerns- through artwork, food, film....or any other medium that leads me down the path of sustainability and social awareness. I am now consumed by the healing potential of colour, essence and dyeing which have been my latest passion...Wearable Art "Of the Essence" Healing Coats.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chinese visitors from Xiamen Sister City

Xiamen Youth Palace Orchestra visited the Sunshine Coast last week and worked with the Sunshine Grammar School orchestra to produce a concert for each day they were here. The instruments were mind blowing...so much divine sound coming from 2 strings. The children/students were between the ages of 10 to 18. I was privileged to have them play the instruments solo when I ferried parents one day to the school.


Taking time to shoot the breeze," move forward " and bite the bullet! New alphabet here I come. Decision was difficult but I have decided to go silk. The challenge for me is going to be using different forms of silk and tones to bring it together in the end...perhaps a Melbourne Cup fascinator or hat...who knows. These 4 have been made with soy silk felted onto a leaf for embossing and also felted onto some hat wire for flexibility.