About Me

I have been a Visual Artist for all of my adult life and now also enjoy filmmaking. I am passionate about creating visually to draw attention to environmental and social concerns- through artwork, food, film....or any other medium that leads me down the path of sustainability and social awareness. I am now consumed by the healing potential of colour, essence and dyeing which have been my latest passion...Wearable Art "Of the Essence" Healing Coats.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wedley the Weed Monster finished!!!!!

Full viewing at the Art and Ecology Centre. Judy & Richard Wolski were the artists behind the making of the weed monster. I really enjoyed the collaborative where we made scales and attached the weed dyed fabric which was made by workshop attendees during the library jaunts all over the Sunshine Coast. It was a great way to bring attention to weeds during weedbuster week using painting drawing, dyeing, weaving and film making. It was exhausting but a great community project. What a great space the Art and Ecology Centre at the Botanical Gardensw

Friday, September 16, 2011

Pete's film on me for ABC Open

Christine by Peter from ABC Open Sunshine Coast on Vimeo.

Not too keen on the editing of this film Pete did. They did promise they would not put in the emotive bits

ABC OPEN film I made on Peter Carnavas finished product!

Peter by Christine from ABC Open Sunshine Coast on Vimeo.

Click on the above and hopefully you will get to see the finished film on Peter Carnavas. It is a great feeling to see the finished product. I have had a dream to make short films on artists to show off their talents to the public so Peter is my first! Madeira Code Red - the weed film is my first drama /comedy on WEEDS, so goodness know what I will attempt next. Photo of Pete and Nat(ABC Producer) who helped film and keep us on track.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weed buster Week over

The weed monster looks fabulous and those who would like to keep adding to it can do so in the school holidays at the Art & Ecology centre. We had fab days weed dyeing and showing films at Caloundra/Kenilworth libraries and Coolum Civic Centre this week culminating with a big day at the Art& Ecology Centre Weed dyeing in the morning and adding textiles to the monster in the afternoon. Lots of donations of dyed fabric from participants during the week. Still a few textile scales to add yet. Great working with the Judy and Richard Wolski's on their fabulous weed monster creation. The art and ecology centre is amazing and hopefully it will be used to it's full potential in the future and it grows with the community.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Madeira Code Red - Weedbuster week

It has been a busy week or two leading up to Weed Buster wwek. "Madeira Code Red" was launched at the libraries this week alongside my other Maleny Film Co Op films. A mix of drama, arts, poetry, music, informative, animation to name a few to wet the appetite. Big learning curve but fun making it with friends. The library workshops this week with Weed dyeing mixed with films is full on and I am travelling from Caloundra, Cooum to Kenilworth in klms with the roadshow. Growing a weed monster as we go with weed dyed fabric and culminating with a full Weed dyeing workshop Saturday morning at the Art Ecology Centre and a family fun afternoon working on the monster with Judy Wolski. What a week! But it is what ElCOate ART is about.