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I have been a Visual Artist for all of my adult life and now also enjoy filmmaking. I am passionate about creating visually to draw attention to environmental and social concerns- through artwork, food, film....or any other medium that leads me down the path of sustainability and social awareness. I am now consumed by the healing potential of colour, essence and dyeing which have been my latest passion...Wearable Art "Of the Essence" Healing Coats.

Sister Cities Art Cultural Exchanges

Teary goodbye with my homestay from our Sister City Xiamen.  2016 was a busy year.  Their group performed for the Palmwoods Retirement Village.  Everyone loved all the costumes and the very
      talented group who came to share their                     friendship.
October 2016 TATEBAYASHI 20TH ANNIVERSARY celebrations.  Australia by Nature Exhibition saw Barry Smith (metal artist), Fiona Dempster(paper artist), Noela Mills(jewellery), Merv Jefferson (contemporary art) and myself with Eco dyed textiles and wearable art exhibit for one week at a local gallery.

Delegation Dinner with Mayor Yasuraoka and Cllr Jenny McKay centre stage on our first night in Tatebayashi.  Sadly Mayor Yasuraoka passed in the same year.
Japanese delegation from Tatebayashi visiting the Art and Ecology Centre Tanawha for the collaborative environmental exhibition celebrating 20yrs of friendship with Sister Cities.  Shimakowa Sensei's work and local Sound Artist Leah Barclay with the students from the River School.  Barry Smith, Fiona Dempster and myself worked with the students on water and rivers.  2016 was a big year with reciprocal visits in the one year.  
2005 - First visit to Tatebayashi to network with Artists 2006 - Organised 10th Anniversary Exhibition with Masterclasses and Workshops with Tatebayashi Artists here on the Sunshine Coast. Artists: Shoji Tanaka (Surrealist Painter), Tombow Kobayashi(International Doll artist), Iseumi Sanai Contemporary Painter,Shin Noda Woodcut Artist/Architect, Hagihara san painter. Tombow Kobayashi donated her large Mermaid Sculpture to the Maroochy Airport as a commemoration of the anniversary and project. 2007 - Shirley Strano and myself took 29 Artists from the Sunshine Coast to exhibit in Tatebayashi with workshops resulting in Community project of tiles for Children's Park. 2008 - Ikebana workshops with Community groups, Collaborative sculptures for Noosa Regional Gallery/Maroochy Bushland Botanical Gardens, Origami workshops with schools 2009 - Exhibition collaboration with Art/Craft groups in Tatebayashi with 9 artists/2 craftspersons and workshops. 2010 - I organised a concert with Yayoi Negishi(Tatebayashi's International pianist) as a performance for the Noosa Long Weekend. Saruta san performed with giant calligraphy brush on stage with Yayoi. Magic night. 2011 - L'Kreis (Yayoi and her duet partner Hiroo)were invited to the Noosa Long Weekend for the special anniversary. 2011 - Artist Noela Mills and I visited Xiamen (Sister City in China), Wuxi, Jingdehzen (Friendship cities with Sunshine Coast) 2012 - Noela and I organised Chinese Brushstroke artist Li Jun to visit from Wuxi for multiple workshops. Collaborative exhibition Culture 2 Culture was held in conjunction with workshops. Tiles from the Culture 2 Culture project also on display. - Jackson Li from Jingdehzen China visited the Sunshine Coast for a major ceramic festival. He asked if I could film him at the exhibitions and workshops for his Chinese Documentary. 2013- Barry Smith, Fiona Dempster, Noela Mills, Merv Jefferson and I ventured over to Tatebayashi to do workshops for the Citizen Festival and small exhibition as this years Art Cultural Exchange. 2016 - Is our 20th year of Sister City Friendship so it is going to be a big year with visits to Tatebayashi and also a return delegation in November with exhibition in both countries. 2009 Art Cultural Exchange in Tatebayashi - Collaborative sculpture with Japanese Artists and Sunshine Coast Artists and also a Craft exchange where Palmwoods Arts and Craft members created a fan exchange with Tatebayashi craft group. The group from Sunshine Coast also visited a family indigo dye vat which had been running for 160 years. It was a great exchange and a huge exhibition for a week in the Tatebayashi Art Hall. The Azalea park was glorious.

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