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I have been a Visual Artist for all of my adult life and now also enjoy filmmaking. I am passionate about creating visually to draw attention to environmental and social concerns- through artwork, food, film....or any other medium that leads me down the path of sustainability and social awareness. I am now consumed by the healing potential of colour, essence and dyeing which have been my latest passion...Wearable Art "Of the Essence" Healing Coats.

Friday, April 8, 2011

fungi found in the Michael Nunen rainforest

Only photos of delightful fungi but not enough to experiment with in the cauldron.
The morning glory flowers dyed a beautiful pink which I will keep you in suspense with till next time. The velcro vine came out a soft green grey but I think I will need to play with mordants to see what else I can get. Granddaughters arriving next week so the pot will have to be shelved for a while.

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