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I have been a Visual Artist for all of my adult life and now also enjoy filmmaking. I am passionate about creating visually to draw attention to environmental and social concerns- through artwork, food, film....or any other medium that leads me down the path of sustainability and social awareness. I am now consumed by the healing potential of colour, essence and dyeing which have been my latest passion...Wearable Art "Of the Essence" Healing Coats.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Opening night at Culture 2 Culture exhibition was great with lots of people filling Rosebed St Gallery, not a floorboard left to stand on due to the rain.  Usually everyone spills down the stairs and have drinks under the stars but not to be last Friday.  Thanks to wonderful artist support as well.  Best of all my prize piece sold in the first ten minutes.  Guilin Blues screen  is going to a good home.

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